15 abril 2019

Joana a Porca de Estimação - Portugal

Quem dera a todos os animais serem tratados como a Joana, a porca que gosta de tomar banho por vontade própria, e já bebeu uma garrafa de martini :D

11 abril 2019

Hollyweed - weed news

Whoever did this was an artist and deserves to be congratulated at least, because it's a master piece! 

It's fucking art!

08 abril 2019

Street performance in Catalunya - Karcocha and Kumilintu

This was performed by Karcocha and Kumilintu - Festival Internacional de Payasos de Cornella, Catalunya in 2018.

It's simple, clear and hillarious, for all ages and cultures - amazing artists that you can find just around the corner.

You can find more about Karcocha on his website (aqui)

07 abril 2019

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This is one piece of art made by Thompson and with Ralph Steidman's illustrations.

Thompson created a style of writing - Gonzo Journalism - talking about his adventures while on drug's, in a Hunter's kind of way.

For those who don't like read so much, there's a movie version with Johnny Deep,  Bennicio del Toro, and Tobey Maguire. As well, amazing movie to see with buzz and "shit" (aqui)

18 março 2019

SNL version of Friends

Just amazing, that's what I can add to this, and personally my favorite character is Chandler Bing.

27 fevereiro 2019

Paulo Almeida - Crítica musical sobre Conan Osíris

Se achas que este gajo nao é mais do que uma personagem patética, que pode saber de tudo e mais alguma coisa, menos de música, vais gostar xD

Paulo Almeida é um humorista, fez este video, e para mim é a melhor critica até agora sobre este sujeito.

A culpa nem é dele, é das pessoas que dão credito ás patetíces que ele diz. E já agora, ele que vá aprender a falar antes de ir para o festival Eurovisão - poupem as legendas no programa

21 fevereiro 2019

Because Cops do cry

And these are the guys who are here to "protect and serve" us?

Come on, the guy fall off his bike and starts crying like a babe, and his girlfriend is there to help him.

How can they be taken seriously, after that? Eheheheheheheh

07 fevereiro 2019

South Korean Tourist joins street musicians on an improvisation

This tourist was taking a walk in the streets of Florence, Italy, and he decided to join the street musicians playing the contrabass.

Turns out to be this peace of art, that happened by being in the right place at the right time... This spontaneous moment is what art is all about.